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Madi and Hannelie two stylish ladies - Eastpark Pharmacy
2019/6/20 – Two stylish ladies – Madi and Hannelie (taken a few years ago)


2019/6/6 – Natalie and Hannelie – Personifying Casual day 2012


2019/04/25 – This week’s Throwback Thursday shows this humble web designer’s own footprint in Eastpark’s History…

Wandering around in the new pharmacy building.
“Pippie langkous” – 15 years old at a staff party
Still wandering around in Eastpark, but hopefully being helpful in the process 😉


2019/04/11 – Around 1985 – before construction started on the new pharmacy building


2019/03/28 – Where once was a store room…

…step by step…

…a new clinic was born!

Click here for more details on our new clinic


2019/03/14 – Many years later and Diek is still as happy in the job as ever.


2019/01/17 – At a staff party in 2000 the staff had to come as anything starting with a P. Any ideas about what “P” Madi and Diek are dressed as?


In earlier days, many medicines didn’t arrive premixed: pharmacists had to keep their formula lists fairly close as they had to do the mixing themselves!


VerOld shredder still used in Eastpark Pharmacy
Why have a shredder you can carry around when you have TAIFUN BOY?? He’s been a part of the Eastpark cast since the early days


The late 70’s unfortunately saw Eastpark have it’s first burglary.


Taken at one of our staff functions, can you identify the bearded man??
2018/11/22 – Ou bekendes: Oom Jack Toerien het meer as twintig jaar by ons gewerk toe ons maatskappy nog ‘n groothandelaar – Pentapharm – gehad het. Hy het afgetree in 2006 en is in 2007 oorlede. Mis jou Oom Jack!

2018/11/07 – In 2013 Eastpark had a major make-over from floor to ceiling.

Before – our shelves were getting cramped and it was time to freshen everything up.
The dispensary was in need of some serious attention.
Painful steps – The dispensary broken down to the floor. All work was done at night, so as to be able to conduct business during the day.
Even the clinic was dismantled in the process
Starting to take shape – All shelves had to be moved or broken down to make way for the new tiles and counters.
Quite the logistical nightmare
Worth the trouble – The end result, we think, is quite spectacular 🙂

2018/11/01 – In the days before digital cameras – our “photo centre”

2018/10/25 – In 1981 Eastpark hosted a baby competition, I found some of these cutie pies (unfortunately I couldn’t find their names, please let us know if you recognize yourself!)

Diek announces the winners.

Recognize yourself? Please let us know!

Eastpark Pharmacy #throwbackthursday
Posted 2018/10/18 – Kan jy nog hierdie kleine gangetjies onthou?
Estelle en Hein
Posted 2018/10/11 – Estelle en Hein se troudag in 2005. Is sy nie beautiful nie??
Snow at the old pharmacy
Posted 2018/10/04 – Diek posing in the bitter cold on one of the rare occasions it snowed in Springs – 1984.

Pharmacist builds own pharmacy!

Posted 2018/09/27 – Diek hard at work making Eastpark what it is today.

New pharmacy constuction
Posted 2018/09/06 – Eastpark’s current location starts taking shape in 1988.
Posted 2018/08/30
Posted 2018/08/30 – Our very first pharmacy, opened in 1975.
Madi tussen die rakke - 2018/08/23
Posted 2018/08/23 – With this photo, Madi has proof that she’s been here longer than most!